This online Safety Training for Confined Spaces course provides information to individuals required to perform tending worker duties to personnel working in a confined space.


  • Confined space basics
  • Responsibilities
  • Recognizing confined spaces
  • Existing and potential confined space hazards
  • Eliminating and controlling hazards
  • Classification of confined spaces
  • Entry authorization
  • Confined space entry planning
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency and rescue procedures
  • Confined space monitor responsibilities
  • Entrant tracking
  • Retaining records

Why Choose Our Confined Space Entry and Monitor Course?

We’ve designed our course to thoroughly train individuals who need to perform duties in confined spaces. You’ll gain practical knowledge and strategies to identify and manage the risks associated with confined spaces.

We consistently update the course content to align with the latest regulations and best practices in the field. Recognizing the unique challenges that confined spaces present, we’ve customized the course to tackle these issues effectively.

Enhanced Learning Experience

The interactive nature of our online course ensures a highly engaging and effective learning experience. Real-life scenarios are used to help you grasp essential concepts and apply them practically.

Personalized Learning Pace

Our online course structure allows you to learn at your own pace. You can pause and resume the course as per your convenience without losing your progress. The total course duration is approximately three hours, but there is no time limit, so you can take your time to fully absorb the material.


Approximately 3 hours


Throughout the online Safety Training for Confined Spaces, we actively conduct tests to reinforce the information delivered. To obtain a certificate of completion, you must achieve a minimum score of 80%. If you don’t reach the pass mark on your first try, you’ll have two additional attempts. You can access supplemental materials online to assist you in completing this course.